Re: Unable To Display Status Bar IN Latest Thunderbird Version 102.1.1


On Sun, Aug 14, 2022 at 01:07 PM, Gene wrote:
but the add-on wasn't necessary before to read the status line so this is really something Mozilla should fix in the program.
Possibly, but not necessarily.

There are times when exactly how something is implemented will shift.  We saw a lot of that at the time of the introduction of Windows 10, and Microsoft gave several years of warning of what was coming down the pike.  Screen reader coders then had to add code for those new ways of doing things.

It could be that there has been some sort of implementation shift for the status line.

I don't know for certain about that, but there are times when it's something that the application has accidentally screwed up, and should fix, and at other times its an application change that screen reader developers must accommodate.  So I won't say whose job it is to fix this.

If Javi Dominguez happens to be reading this topic, he could almost certainly shed light on what's actually occurred and whose responsibility "the fix" is.

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