Re: The unknown issue with mozilla fire fox and thunderbird

Alexander Masic

I'M quite shure that there is some issues with drivers for that graphic card. I gues it's an little older computer with graphic drivers wich may not included in windows. So windows install instead thairs own standard graphic drivers, and it dont work. Try to find the manicaturers drivers for that graphic card and install it.
That is the only solotion i have for you.

Den 2016-10-18 kl. 09:26, skrev Gene New Zealand:

Hi guys

A while back i emailed the list about problems that I was having with a
persons computer running windows 10. What it was doing was in mozilla
fire fox you could not use single letter navigation keys, tab or any
thing. You could not even get into the menus up the top when the alt key
was used. It was unusable with mozilla fire fox. NVDA kept on saying
unknown. Browse and focus mode did not work either.

There was some other problems but that saying unknown was the main ones.

Also when you went into mozilla thunderbird, it would open, but when you
went to use the tab key to get to the tree view it would say unknown
etc, You could not even get into your emails and or access the menus up
the top. Also unusable.

The above problem is now fixed.

The steps were.

I thought it was nvda having a corrupted nvda.ini file.

So nvda was reset to factory defaults. That did not fix the problem.
NVDA was completely removed all together and also the references to nvda
under the %appdata% section referring to nvda. This was deleted.NVDA was
then reinstalled and then tested it again. I still had the same problem
with nvda saying unknown both in fire fox and mozilla thunder bird.

Next mozilla fire fox was uninstalled from the pc.

I then went into the %appdata% area and found a folder referring to
mozilla and had a look inside of it..

I ended up deleting the settings file, then decided to delete the folder
for mozilla all together.
i then closed out of it then decided to see if it made any difference in
thunderbird. This time I was able to tab through to where my folders
were in the treeview, go into them read my messages etc.
I can not remember if i had to reboot or to clear the cache.
So the problem is fixed now and then i reinstalled mozilla fire fox and
set it up.

Mozilla fire fox is now working correctly i can use single letter
navigation keys etc even access the menus. What I did when i reinstalled
it was grab the latest version of it as I noticed when the other one was
uninstalled it was version 47.

So both are running correctly i can access the menus in both programs
and use them like normal.

I have seen in the last day or couple of days a similar problem on the
list with nvda saying unknown multiple times in fire fox.

so if you had the same sort of problems as mentioned above with mozilla
fire fox and thunder bird, this is how i fixed it.
Maybe it might help someone else.

Gene nz

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