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It would be different on portable to installed versions though.
I think in the main one sees some storing them in the main folders in the users roaming folders, but of course for portable being wide open for all its going to be somewhere in the add ons folelder.

Such a change now, however would immediately mean all add ons would need a rewrite to accommodate the new rules.


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Subject: [nvda] Single place to store add-on settings

Hi everyone!

We all know that the power of NVDA screen reader comes from many add-ons
which are provided by developers of NVDA and by community.

But when you have many add-ons installed finding settings for particular
add-on becomes a real pain because we never know excatly where to look
for them.

So, may be we, as a community, should ask NVDA developers to provide a
single place where all third party add-on should install their
parameters. It may be, for example, "Add-on Settings" option under NVDA
options sub menu.

Just wonder what others think about it?



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