Re: can't read items in folder

Dave Grossoehme

Joseph:  I have noticed this problem off and on for many versions of Win 11.  If you go into notifications with the win key + n and read them, then there is a problem when exiting notifications.  Use control + f4 key and you will hear shell until you restart NVDA.  After NVDA is restarted with control + alt + the space bar you are back in  the window.


On 8/16/2022 11:23 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:


The original issue: looks like a UIA focus event problem when opening File Explorer.

Regarding Windows Store and update download anouncement: this is not necessarily a thing with a specific Windows 11 release as Store can update itself from time to time (therefore I think this is more towards something going on with latest stabel version of Windows Store app itself). I'll write about this one soon.



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