Re: Single place to store add-on settings



We need to recognize that when folks talk about add-on settings, it can either mean the settings interface or where settings are actually stored. I'm assuming the former in my reply below:

In theory, add-on authors are supposed (or rather encouraged) to present add-on settings interface in NVDA Settings screen. Not all add-ons do this for various reasons:

  1. Add-ons come with additional screens required to use the add-on. The best example is Remote add-on where the add-on creates a submenu inside NVDA Tools menu to house not only add-on options screen, but also menu items to handle remote connections.
  2. Add-ons provide different interfaces for different purposes. The best example is Add-on Updater where the add-on does offer a settings panel as part of NVDA Settings screen in addition to adding a menu entry in NVDA Tools menu for checking for add-on updates. I (the author of this add-on) did it intentionally to let users configure ad-don settings from NVDA Settings interface while opening Tools menu to check for updates.
  3. It is becoming harder to track who is developing what and keeping up with changes. To keep the thread short (hopefully because going into compatibility discussions may lead to a repeat of what we saw in May and June), suffice to say that add-ons community is still keeping in touch with add-on authors, at least authors with known contact information. I'm hoping that a new mailing list NV Access has just launched could make it easier to inform folks about keeping up with changes. As Brian V noted several times and as I have demonstrated, add-ons can become unmaintained or authors seek new maintainers.

In short, while I understand the reasons for the initial suggestion, I'm afraid that reality tells us otherwise. Hope this helps and clarifies a lot.



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