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Ravindran V.S.

Hello Jene,


My attempts to change both these symbols did not work as expected.

I tried the below:

  1. Opened the Punctuation/symbol pronunciation dialog in the NVDA settings.
  2. Tabbed once to the Edit field (change).
  3. Replaced the words Tick and Bang with Apostrophe and Exclamation in the respective lines.
  4. Saved the changes by clicking the OK button.
  5. Restarted NVDA.

   But NVDA did not recognize the changes.  What am I missing here? Appreciate your guidance please.

I am using Windows 10 H2; with NVDA 2022.2  tried with both Espeak and Vocalizer voices.




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I don't understand the question.  If you are in the Punctuation/symbol pronunciation dialog and you are on a symbol, you can tab once to an edit field.  If you don't want tick to be spoken as tick, you can type what you want said, such as apostrophe.  You may be asking something else but I don't understand what it is if you are.


On 8/18/2022 2:05 AM, Brian's Mail list account via groups.io wrote:

NO removing the file then re Running NVDA creates a new one, but it of course removes changes that worked.
What I cannot understand about the original query is how changing the name of any punctuation should change the way the word is pronounced.The only way that can happen is an unfortunate choice in a dictionary.

I do feel that the multiple occurrences of some punctuation is a bit odd though. Does anyone know if this means there are several characters with the same code, or are there several occurrences of the same one with different codes?
I had no issues changing bang, but the quotes are a bit of an issue, you do not want too verbose a description. There are, by the way several bullets as well.


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