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Warning:  There seems to be a possible bug in the Symbol/Punctuation Pronunciation Dialog that applies only to the single quote and exclamation point characters (there may be others, but I'm not going to check each and every symbol/punctuation).  I have asked about that in a separate topic:  Possible Bug with Punctuation/Symbol Pronunciation Dialog - Can others replicate?
So you do not hear the correct character name at step 3, it just says "semi" for the character itself, at least for me.


Try the following, and please read the NOTE at the end before starting step 1 for the first time:

1. Hit NVDA + N, P, P [NVDA Menu, Preferences, Punctuation/Symbol Pronunciation]
2. In the filter box, either enter the character for which you wish to change the replacement OR the replacement phrase you no longer wish to have used.  It's often more efficient to enter the replacement phrase (e.g., tick, bang) than the character, as all instances of where that replacement is used will come up in the Symbols section, which is where you find entries to make changes.
3. Hit TAB once to land in the first returned result in the symbols list to double check that it's one you wish to change.  If it is, then . . .
4. Hit ALT + R to be thrown directly to the Replacement Edit box.  Change the replacement to whatever you wish for it to be.
5. Hit SHIFT + TAB to be thrown back to the Symbol list, you will be on the symbol you last changed the replacement for.  Hit down arrow to advance to the next returned symbol in the list.  If it's one you wish to change, jump back to Step 3.
6. Once you have done Steps 3 through 5 for all symbols for which you wish to change the replacement, then navigate to the OK button for the dialog and activate it.
7. You're done with symbol editing.
NOTE:  You are most likely to want to edit the replacement for the "naked" character.  For example, if you wish single quotation marks to be announced as "single quote," then once you've entered "tick" in the Filter by edit box, once you tab to the Symbols list down arrow until you hit the solitary/naked instance of the single quote character, as opposed to the one for in-word, or left, or right.

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