Re: Calm radio

Георги Ламбов <obichamlegiona@...>

I've just walked through the website and find it quite accessible for screen readers. My problem here is, that it's useless for me, becausse they don't propose possibilities for desktop or I understood this in this way.


На 18.10.2016 г. в 14:12 ч., Георги Ламбов написа:

A question before the answer: is that any program for listening of

radio or it's only a radioStation? Becausse I've find a webSite named: calm radio, which radioStation proposes: jazz, relaxMusic, rock etc. Is that the same object?
На 18.10.2016 г. в 10:52 ч., Marco Oros написа:
I don't know, where to ask It, but can somebody of You find in this web a radio channels?

This is a Calm radio and It was accessible.

Please, try to make this accessible, if You know those programming languages of the web pages.

Thank You!

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