Re: i've a problem with webvisum


Yes, agreed.

I had to return to this version, because the one from teh official site started playing up, and saing "Server error" all the time...

Luckily we have James's version that works really great!

This guy has made a real difference in my computer life, with Codex and Webvisum...

Thanks James, even if you don't read this list....



Il 18/10/2016 12:17, P. Otter ha scritto:
no, i meen the version changed by james scholes.
download this one and remove the version that you get from the add-on page of firefox.
this version works without any problem.
remember first to uninstall the current version and restart firefox!
paul otter

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Yes, but It means, that old version of webvisum doesn't work with current Firefox.
I tried this new version.

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