Re: When composing email in gmail web how to delete a receiver?

Sarah k Alawami

I tab into the section then use j and k to move up and down. Then x to select.  This in chrome, don’t have Firefox on my system yet.


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I don't use the GMail web interface for reading mail.  I've played a little with the web interface and at this point, I don't know why you can't move in focus mode.  There may be a command you need to use to move to the e-mail list first.  Others will likely discuss the question.


On 8/21/2022 12:54 PM, zahra wrote:

hi gene.
i went to focus mode in my firefox and cant use keyboard at all to for
example navigate in the list of my emails. how is it possible to use
email and go to previous or next items in focus mode?
On 8/2/22, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
But most people use IMAP, not POP these days.  If you use a different
computer, all the mail you have saved on the server or that is in the
inbox will automatically download to the e-mail program on the computer
you are using.
As for efficient, while I haven't used on line interfaces much and I
might alter my opinion if I did, I haven't found any interface that is
as efficient as an e-mail program where I just move down a list of
messages and press enter on one I want to read.
In GMail, for example, If I want to read an e-mail without hearing a lot
of verbiage I don't care about, I have to keep switching between having
browse mode off and browse mode on.  If I use the browse mode off method
GMail provides to move from one message to another and have it read
while leaving browse mode off, there is a lot of excessive verbiage that
is announced at the beginning of every message.
On 8/2/2022 8:13 AM, Thomas N. Chan wrote:
You can download emails onto your gmail.
like example, if you have an hotmail or yahoo email, you can set it up
whereby it will download like pop email onto a label aka folder. more
efficient  as compared to an email client.
I can  move to different computer and see the same email. I delete
one, it will be gone from the rest. since  gmail itself allows you to
download mails, you can also delete it or leave it on your mail server.
 your email client can only work if you have a working computer. if
your computer dies or laptop gone, then where is all your emails?
It might be subjective if email client is faster for some but I can
move around in gmail faster than on outlook.
Thomas N. Chan
On Tue, Aug 2, 2022 at 3:28 PM Gene <gsasner@...
<mailto:gsasner@...>> wrote:
    I used to think that you needed a different interface for online
    e-mail with every provider.  I was informed by a knowledgeable
    person, however, that GMail allows you to use GMail for different
    providers.  I don't know how this is done nor what providers you
    can use with the GMail interface.
    I don't think any online interface for e-mail is as efficient as
    an e-mail program for blind users but if people want to use online
    interfaces, knowing that GMail offers consolidation may be
    important for some users with different providers.
    On 8/2/2022 2:21 AM, Brian's Mail list account via
    <> wrote:
    Oh I'm sure, but the big  niggled I have on web delivered mail is
    that having accounts on different ISPs each and every interface
    is totally different, whereas all are the same in a client in
    most respects. I try to keep things simple.


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