Re: NVDA and latest Thunderbird

Don H

102 breaks first letter navigation of address book.

On 8/23/2022 6:54 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
well latest thunder bird of  102.2.0 actually has all the fixes in, they
broke the progress bars again on 102.1.2 after fixing it in 1.1 but yeah
who knows about the rest.

I am just happy even though its not completely accurate that we at least
have a progress bar now.

On 24/08/2022 6:34 am, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

I think the latest version of thunderbird is what came up on the list
not too long ago.

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Running latest Win 10 aand latest released version of NVDA.

I am currently runing Thunderbird version 91.13.0 and Thunderbird wants

me to update to version 102.2.0

Does this new vversion of Thunderbird work well with NVDA or is this the

one that has issues that came up on the list a while back?


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