Re: NVDA and latest Thunderbird

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I just updated to the latest version of NVDA and I also checked for the update to Mozilla Apps Enhancement and it said I had the latest version.  I am also running a portable Thunderbird and updating it to every new update to see whether or not the issues with the status line are resolved and of now, they are not.  If this new version of Mozilla apps enhancement is available somewhere, what is the download link?

On 8/23/2022 2:36 PM, Gene wrote:
It may be that Mozilla enhancements now causes the status line to be read when you issue the read status line command. The apps enhancement didn't used to be necessary to have that done. 


On 8/23/2022 1:30 PM, Governor staten wrote:

Everything should be fine. Mozilla enhancements has been updated. There are some differences.

On 8/23/2022 2:25 PM, Don H wrote:
Running latest Win 10 aand latest released version of NVDA.
I am currently runing Thunderbird version 91.13.0 and Thunderbird wants me to update to version 102.2.0
Does this new vversion of Thunderbird work well with NVDA or is this the one that has issues that came up on the list a while back?

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