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This is a great thread. Anyone got any Cuban Pesos or Mexican ones? Just kidding. My question is how do you find the dictionary file for the SAPI 5 synths that MS has on board?

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It sounds like a synthesizer issue.  Cup is read properly by synthesizers I've used.  I would expect the speech dictionary to cause it to be spoken correctly but your message appears to indicate that it isn't.  You might try the synthesizer dictionary instead of the default.  For unknown reasons, I can't change how something is spoken at times with the default dictionary but the change is honored if I use the synthesizer dictionary.
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           I'm using Microsoft SAPI5 David as well.  I hadn't thought about changing synthesizers but there had still ought to be a way to force an exception such that anytime the whole word "cup" is seen, which requires a white space character before the C and after the P, it's pronounced as "cup" because that's what I want it to be pronounced as.  I thought that was the whole idea behind the dictionaries.  There are lots of people who work with jargon of various sorts who want to force certain abbreviations to be read as though they're the whole word, and the like.  There has got to be a way to tell NVDA to tell whatever gets passed "cup" that it's always cup, but I'll be darned if I can figure out what!


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