Re: google text to speech with NVDA add-on

Kenny Peyatt jr. <p.wildcat1234@...>

That would be a great option, but I wonder if the google text to speech is open source, because if it is not then it will be impossible to make it a add on for nvda.
Kenny Peyatt jr.

On 3/17/2016 11:35 PM, Jim Hunt wrote:
Oh Yes! I would absolutely love that!


On 3/17/2016 10:36 PM, aikeo koomanivong wrote:
Dear all friends and NVDA add-on developer team
I wish in the finally we will have google TTS in the NVDA add-on
because it has a lot of languages
Important thing it free
Is it possible to make it in the NVDA add-on?
And make it with auto language detect like Nuance Vocalizer expressive

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