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Betsy and Brian,


I also have 21H1 and a notice that my PC is up to date! However, when I ran Brian’s link, the download manager tells me that I am NOT up to date and offers to download the 21h2 version from last November.


I am now downloading the 21H2 version.


Thanks for raising this point.


All the best,




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Subject: Re: [nvda] I do not know if I need the windows app update but


When I used the link in this email it said I still had no updated so am trying it now. That is strange the other way did not update it but hopefully this will work.


On 8/29/2022 9:47 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Mon, Aug 29, 2022 at 09:38 PM, Betsy Grenevitch wrote:

How do I turn on Windows Update again?


If you did not intentionally turn it off, then it's most likely an accidental breakage that will be repaired with the next Feature Update (which you will have to apply manually).

It's at least worth a try doing this, "The easy way," first.  This means going to the Windows 10 Download Page, activating the Update Now button on that page, then letting things take their course.  I believe you will be asked several questions before the meat of the "taking their course" actually begins, but after it does, you can just walk away for a while.

I'd suggest kicking this off just before retiring for the evening.  If that method of updating (and fixing Windows Update as part of it) fails, then we can go back to the ISO method.

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