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Don H

Just wonder why the beta sees openning a web page as a error.

On 8/30/2022 8:07 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Whenever an error is encountered which is written to the log, in alpha
and beta versions of NVDA, this produces an audible beep.  That's the
error sound you can hear.  In fact, you likely encounter many of the
same errors running a release candidate or version and they also get
written to the log - but there is no audible sound.

The sound is because alpha versions are often used by developers, add-on
authors and code contributors, to test new features and fixes and
knowing when an error is encountered helps with this.

NVDA may often try something else when it hits an error, and so from an
end user perspective, you may never know that error was encountered.  So
running the beta version, you may hear the beep, even when nothing seems

While you can report the errors which cause these beeps if you can
ascertain exactly how to reproduce them - the most important errors are
those which have an impact on use.

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Well, it's beta software, so some bugs are a assumed. Right? That's
how this works?

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Running the latest NvVDA beta.  Why when running beta's do you get
that wonderful error ding when openning a web page?

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