Re: Requesting NVDA Direct DownLoad Links and Tutorials

David Moore

Hi James,
I have many direct links for you to get add ons, tutorials, and the NVDA 2016.1 screenreader. If you have used JAWS, some of the key commands are the same. Here are the links:
Link to get NVDA:
Links for addons:
That will definitely get you started. There is a lot of information on those links. Have a great one.

Sent: Friday, March 18, 2016 12:35 AM
Subject: [nvda] Requesting NVDA Direct DownLoad Links and Tutorials
Hello there Fello listers!
I am interested in giving NVDA a try to add to my ScreenReader resources and would appreciate direct download links for the following programs to get me started in securing and learning this ScreenReader:
(1)  NVDA2016.1.
(2)  DNVDA Addons Web Site.
(3)  Latest Audio or text NVDA Tutorials you may have or know of and are willing to share that I could use to learn how to use NVDA.

James Arthur Robinson, Sr., President
Jardata Corporation

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