overly talkative Thunderbird after recent updates

Steve Wettlaufer

I don't know if this is a screen reader issue, a Thunderbird issue or both, but I could use a little help if anybody has any to offer.

Basically, Thunderbird is far too chatty since the last few version updates.  At the moment I'm running 102.2.1, in case that makes a difference.  The problem occurs when I'm in another window, for example in Firefox watching a YouTube video.  When new emails come in, the screen reader announces their arrival by reading at a minimum the sender and subject line, and sometimes even a bunch of the message.  This is irritating to me, especially if I happen to be watching or listening to something that requires I turn the volume up.

I recall having a similar issue to this many years ago, but at some point it sorted itself out.  I'm not sure if that was due to something Thunderbird did intentionally or a happy accident on someone's part, but if I can avoid having to wait for a repeat performance of whatever it was I would like that.  So assuming that I'm not the only one experiencing this, is there any way of quieting things down?



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