Re: Bug With Code Factory Nuance Voices V1.12: When Enabling Language Detection Say All Pauses After Each Line

Steve Nutt

Yep I can confirm this David.


I think it must analyse each line separately for language changes.


All the best



From: <> On Behalf Of David Goldfield
Sent: 02 September 2022 15:14
Subject: [nvda] Bug With Code Factory Nuance Voices V1.12: When Enabling Language Detection Say All Pauses After Each Line



Hi. Using NVDA 2022.3 Beta 4, Code Factory Vocalizer add-on v1.12, using the Nathan voice.


When I first noticed this I thought it might be an NVDA setting that I had forgotten about which needed to be adjusted. Upon further exploration I can confirm that this is not an NVDA bug but a bug with the Code Factory Nuance voices. I intend to report this to Code Factory but wanted to document what I’ve discovered on this list in case others discover it.

I was reading a Web page in the Brave browser and performed a Say All with insert+down arrow. I immediately noticed that NVDA was pausing at odd places and discovered that the pauses were occurring after each line of text. JAWS has a way of deliberately enabling this type of reading but I didn’t think that NVDA had such a setting. I switched to the ESpeak synthesizer and can confirm that the problem does not occur; continuous reading does not noticeably pause after each line. I then switched to the Microsoft OneCore synth and the Mark voice read continuously with no line pauses.

I switched back over to Code Factory’s Nuance Vocalizer voice and went into the CF settings via the NVDA menu > Code Factory > Code Factory Vocalizer > Settings tab and started looking for anything that might be of relevance. Eventually, I realized that disabling language detection fixed the problem. Since NVDA offers its own native language detection features, which I assume works with the CF voices, I didn’t see the point in enabling this feature so disabling it is a satisfactory workaround.



David Goldfield,

Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

NVDA Certified Expert


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