NVDA is not reading/working in tables in MS word properly

mr Krit Kumar kedia

Hello all,
warm greetings from my side.
a few days back, I updated NVDA and as far as I know I updated it again just 2 days back.
In MS word 2021, when I am navigating a table of two rows and two columns it is saying, "table with two rows and two columns".
whether I press tab, down, up, alt control with arrow keys anything my focus always lands on the first column of the second row.
I am not able to go on the first row in any condition.
Thus, I am not able to complete my school related work which requires me to use tables in any manner!
I would be more than happy if I get a solution to this problem.

Best regards,
Krit Kedia
class: 8
India: +91

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