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Hi, Control+Shift+T announces the total time, Control+Shift+R announces time remaining, but the total time key was accidentally disabled by the App creator and won't be reinstated until the next version, so if you want to see the total track time, begin playing the track in the usual way, then stop it, not pause, but stop, and use control+shift+r and since the time remaining on a track that is at zero is the same as the total time, you've got your total time.

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On 8/31/2022 12:49 PM, Chrissie wrote:
If you set Winamp to show time remaining you can do control shift r and that
will give it to you.

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Hi Group,

I am using the extended Winamp add on with the new Winamp 5.9.0 Build
9999 and the keystroke control + shift + T that is supposed to announce the
time remaining in a track is silent.  Can anyone else reproduce this issue?

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