Re: Outlook 2016 and Ribbon

Ralph Boersema

I am having trouble using the ribbon menu. I don't know how to find whether
status flags are visible. I was doing fine with the classic menus in
Outlook, but I am quite confused with ribbon menus in Office.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Outlook 2016


I am using Outlook 2016. I am told when a message is unread. However, I am
not told when it is read. One shot in the dark, Check your view settings;
Are status flags visible?


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Subject: [nvda] Outlook 2016

Dear Folks,

I admit that I don't regularly read these list messages and, therefore,
probably missed reading an earlier exchange about this topic. I have just
updated to Office 2016 and find that in Outlook NVDA does not read to me
whether a message is marked as read or unread. Is there some setting I need
to change in Outlook?


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