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Curtis Delzer

this is some terrific add-on! rather than go through the  hassle of switching synthesizers for either fun or practicality, this add-on after adjusting is really elegant.

Curtis Delzer
Rialto, CA

On 9/4/2022 10:08 AM, Tyler Spivey via wrote:
1. Press NVDA+ctrl+shift+1.
2. Switch to your first synth, save with NVDA+CTRL+shift+v.
3. Press NVDA+ctrl+shift+2.
4. Switch to your second synth.
5. Save with NVDA+CTRL+shift+v.
From then on, try switching with NVDA+ctrl+shift+1 and 2.

Also, I have a test version which fixes some bugs:

On 9/4/2022 9:46 AM, mukesh jain wrote:
I have installed the addon SwitchSynth. after installing this addon, i
tried using the shortcuts NVDA+shift+ctrl+1 while on one synthesiser
and switched to other synthesiser to which i would like to consider as
secondary synthesizer and pressed NVDA+shift+ctrl+2. but it only keeps
announcing 1 and 2. i tried saving this setting with
NVDA+shift+ctrl+v. but nothing seems to work. so any solution?

On 9/3/22, Ravindran V.S. <ravivssl@...> wrote:
What version of this add-on works with the latest NVDA 2022.2 works?
The version, dual_voice-5.0.nvda-addon given in the below link is not
compatible with this version of NVDA.
Any link for an updated version would be helpful.
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use duel voice NVDA addon. it can switch to different voicess based on the
language detected. i am using it successfully for english and non-litin
languages using david and espeak.

On 01/09/2022, Paul Schreier via
<PGSchreier@...> wrote:
I would like to change between two different voices (Microsoft David /
Microsoft Stefan) with just one button press / key combination. Is
there an easy way to do this?

Background: I'm an |American living in Switzerland. On web pages,
emails, etc I'm  constantlyh bouncing back and froth from English to

It would be so nice to be able  to switch between them quickly. Is it
possible with dual configurations? or input gestures? I've been
studying the manuals, but I'm not making any progress. Can anyone
please give me som advice and point me in the right direction?

Or does this require an add-on? My programming experience started with
FORTRAN and didn't get beyond Quick BASIC, so Python is a mystery.
And obviously, being severely vision impaired makes things even more

Paul in Zurich


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