locked Windows App Essentials 22.09.1 #addonrelease


Hi all,

Windows App Essentials 22.09.1 is now available:



You can download the release now or wait until Add-on Updater and similar tools offer it to you.


This release should be considered optional to critical update depending on which NVDA version you are using at the moment:

  • 2022.2.x: optional but recommended
  • 2022.3 beta: optional but recommended
  • Alpha snapshots (tracking 2022.4): critical


Version 22.09.1 includes a critical fix for NVDA alpha snapshot users where recent (and upcoming) builds may announce UIA powered drag and drop effects multiple times. In short, a future version of NVDA (likely 2022.4) will improve accessible drag and drop support, meaning you won’t need Windows App Essentials to hear announcements such as what happens when you rearrange Windows 10 Start menu tiles or quick settings items in Windows 11. In some cases, after installing the add-on update, you won’t hear focused item after dragging items, and that’s something I have no solution for… or rather, I’m preparing users for what will happen with future NVDA releases; I will let you experience it in upcoming Windows App Essentials add-on releases (if you are using dev builds of this add-on, you know what’s up) as early as October.


Note that Windows App Essentials 22.09.1 was queued for distribution on community add-ons website. But if you want to get it early, you can do it now by selecting the download link provided, or install Add-on Updater 22.09 and see the add-on update being offered to you by this time tomorrow (set add-on update source to community add-ons website).



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