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Steve Nutt

Hi Brian,

Window-Eyes used to have an option in Settings to Hide Screen Reader Flag. I wonder if this would be useful for NVDA?

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I wonder if NVDA could have a togglable option to do this?
Taking on board Bryans point of forgetting what you set though, it would need to have some warning it was on, in case it disables useful functions.
Sadly overlays, though a nice idea, are never going to work on web sites so widely variable in their design. Far better to stop flogging overlays and hiring out people to educate web programmers. We touched on this in another thread about drag and drop the other day, Its the same with on mouse over up down left right etc, in the code. Design such silliness out as I know many sighted people who cannot cope with these as they are just not very good at accurate mouse pointing.

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If you go to thelenovo web site it comes up everytime you go back to the home page. Rather than asking why please just answer my question as to if you can hide the screen reader.

On 9/5/2022 11:53 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Mon, Sep 5, 2022 at 12:42 PM, Don H wrote:

I find this annoying to say the least.


It's a one-time accept or decline (unless you constantly delete site

For the love of heaven, when a site has additional accessibility
options why would you NOT want to know about them? These detections
occur in other things, too, such as Adobe Reader DC, which will ask
you whether you want to set up things with the Accessibility Wizard
(also one time) and, believe me, in that context you absolutely do want to.

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