please help again with PDF

Betsy Grenevitch

I wrote to this list about a week ago, I think, asking how to convert a scanned PDF and someone wrote me back with a place to go. I went to it and used it and thought the file had saved but it has not. I also thought I had written down how to do it but cannot find those directions. I know it was some place I had to go on the internet. I hope the person is still on here who sent that to me the other week. This time I will doubly make sure I have the directions in more than one place.

Thanks for the help of whoever sent it or someone who may have saved it. I even looked in my trash folder for it but cannot find it.

Sorry to bother you all with it again.

this is a file I need for my Lions Club.

Thanks again.

Betsy Grenevitch 678-862-3876

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