Re: NVDA's built-in OCR Capabilities

Steve Nutt

No, without add-ons, NVDA will only scan the current screen.

JAWS will scan a whole document, whether it's imported from a PDF, or
acquired from a scanner directly.

Note: NVDA does have add-ons for this, but natively it can only scan the
current screen, as far as I know.

All the best


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Maybe I just have short documents then.

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NVDA does have a feature called Windows OCR, which you can read all about by
going to section 10.1 of the User Guide.

It won't process a whole document though.

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Subject: [nvda] question on operation of nvda

Does anyone know if nvda has a function like the convenient ocr option in
jaws where you can right click - do the applications key on a pdf and arrow
down to convenient ocr with jaws and press enter and jaws will try and ocr
the file and pull the text out of it?



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