Re: does anyone know why some add-ons on the Spanish repository are more up to date than the NVDA repository?


VLC Media Player Add-on, at both sites, has Version 2.14 as the current stable version.  Oddly, the NVDA Community site has Version 2.13 as the development version.

There is also a completely separate VLC-related add-on in the Spanish Add-On catalog: 

VLC multimedia player: Accessibility enhancements (VLCAccessEnhancement)


Tony's Enhancements add-on does remain at version 1.13 at the NVDA Community Add-Ons page while it has had a dot level increment to 1.14 on the Spanish Catalog site.

I imagine this has to do with resources being available to do review and release after the add-ons have been queued.  But someone from "behind the NVDA Community Add-Ons page scene" would need to speak to this for a definitive answer.

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