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Not as far as I know with NVDA, but JAWS allows you to open the resulting file in Word, and it retains formatting as best it can. So it is definitely best out there for built in OCR to a screen reader.


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But I also have a question:  Do any of the "internal" OCR options result in the file being OCRed having those changes kept permanently?  I can't imagine that the single page "quick and dirty" OCR would do this as it would make no sense to even try because many documents are more than one page, and a partially OCRed file is as bad as one that still needs to be processed.  But I don't know much about the NVDA Advanced OCR (NAO) Add-On other than that it exists and what its primary purpose is.

If the file is to be used over and over and over again, and neither adds a text layer that sticks with the file, there are other options that do just that.  But they're not done by NVDA itself or an add-on.

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