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On Fri, Sep 9, 2022 at 09:58 AM, tim wrote:
I can't blame him for asking this, because win 7 is dead and has been for 3 years.
It's also probable that Windows 7 support in NVDA itself will be disappearing within the next year.

Those who wish to continue using a supported version of NVDA had ought to take this on board and update to Windows 10 if they still have Windows 7.

The moment that NVDA drops support for Windows 7 I will assiduously enforce (as I do now) the rule about discussion of out-of-support (by both NVDA and Windows) software being inappropriate on the NVDA main group. [The Chat Subgroup is open season, and most conversation there is about how to use specific pieces of software where the "screen reader aspect" is incidental.]

People need to realize that it is difficult enough to deal with the combinations of things that actually remain in support, and it is not a good use of valuable time to keep "clutching corpses."

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