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Steve Nutt

Still doesn’t let you scan from a scanner or camera though, without any add-on. I think that’s where JAWS has the edge, though I would posit that OCR scanning is not really the function of a screen reader, beyond scanning the current screen, so I think that NVDA is right to not build this in natively.


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On Fri, Sep 9, 2022 at 10:34 AM, Steve Nutt wrote:

Not as far as I know with NVDA,


Then for those who are dealing with documents, whether short or long (I've done documents in the hundreds of pages), that they know they'll be referring to again and again or want to share with others, I offer the following:  Using Tracker Software’s PDF-Xchange Viewer to OCR Process Image Scanned PDFs

It's not particularly labor intensive when you know that you need to reference a given PDF over and over again and only want to have to do OCR processing once.  Tracker also supplies multiple language packs beyond the "core four" at no charge.  I had a client once who was using PDF-Xchange Viewer to OCR process scanned PDFs in Swedish.

I've also encouraged my clients who were grad students, who kept being given image scanned PDFs created years ago, to OCR process them this way then give the resulting file back to their professor, asking them to replace the one they've been using that has no text layer, so future blind students don't have to do this at all.

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