Re: Pause / resume "say all" with "shift" key


I don't think there is another suitable key.  Control is already used to interrupt speech because it does nothing when pressed by itself. 

I suspect few people turn interrupt speech off and I suspect that that is the reason we haven't had this discussed before.  Pause speech using shift has been an NVDA feature for years.


On 9/13/2022 1:32 AM, bering.p wrote:

That's what I think too.
Certainly, the choice of the "Shift" key to interrupt speech may not be very judicious.
It would take another key to keep the functionality whatever the setting.
This feature does not seem to be described in the user manual.
Best regards.
Le 12/09/2022 20:51, Gene a écrit :
It may be a bug, but I doubt it.  Consider the following:
When the check box is checked and you press shift, pause turns on. It 
turns on when you press shift, not when you release it.  If you press 
shift and type a letter, let's say b, speech is interrupted and pause is 
turned off.  In other words, pressing shift turns it on and typing a 
letter interrupts speech, which overrides the pause function.

If the check box is unchecked, how is NVDA going to know whether to 
pause speech or not?  It will pause speech whether you just press shift 
or press shift and type a letter.  This is not what is intended because 
it disables the noninterruption of speech when typing shifted letters.  
My guess is that disabling the shift, pause speech feature is 
intentional when the check box is unchecked.


On 9/12/2022 1:24 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Has this already  been submitted as a bug report on nvda's bighub? If not this probably should be.

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The setting I leave on is
"NVDA menu",
"Keyboard" category in the list,
Tab over a few Times to
"Speech interrupt for Typed Characters".
Turning this off disables the Shift key's pause/resume feature of NVDA.

Jason Bratcher

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