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David Goldfield

Hi, Betsy.
I'm not aware of any functions built into NVDA that can decode and announce captchas.
That being said the extension that I've used in the past is Rumola, which you can get here.
It is not free but it does give you a few free attempts to solve captchas, after which the fee is incredibly reasonable unless their costs have changed.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

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Subject: [nvda] diredtions to read a capchua

I have no idea how long ago I wrote down the directions I have but cannot seem to get it to work to read a Capchua as I seem to be missing a step or else Cloud vision no longer works with NVDA. Could someone please send me the directions to read a capchua that seems to be needed to obtain my medical report? It would be greatly appreciated. I have that I am supposed to go to the NVDA menu and right arrow but did not seem to write down what I am to right arrow to in my directions.  Thank you so much.

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