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Well that was a bit of an experiment. As usual I managed to get it to speak all sorts, but for some reason it was showing none of it in braille. I changed the braille code temporarily to UEB and it showed me the bold text, but did not show the italic or colors on the braille display.




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You need to go into NVDA's document formatting settings and ensure the attributes you want reported are checked - font attributes for bold and italics.


With those checked, it's then up to how the braille table you are using renders those properties, but they should be conveyed.


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Hey everyone,


Can I get NVDA to do more document presentation in braille? I want it to mark the italics and bold and colors etc like I should be able to do in jaws, but right now am unable to get either screen reader to do, even though they speak everything you could possibly want. I really don't want to rely on speech at all but just use braille, but right now I can't do that because there is so much that is not displayed in braille that is spoken by NVDA.






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