Re: Office 365, print envolope, Delivery/Return address label not spoken

Dan Miner

Thus far my experience is quite different, I did open and got the same “page 1, section 1”  utterance, using Document and object navigation did not reveal any labels or guidance how to use.  So, my comment since I get this kind of behavior of any template I have tried in the last few attempts to learn this feature over the last year or so.  I’ll leave it since I am not convinced it isn’t my error, but it does support my believe that templates in Word isn’t universally obvious.




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On Fri, Sep 16, 2022 at 11:16 AM, Dan Miner wrote:

I appreciate the links but sadly I never did figure out Word templates.

With this, I'll close the topic.  There's nothing "to figure out".  You activate a template (any template) and get a fresh instance of the document (in this case, an envelope) and the template remains untouched.  That's their whole reason for being, to allow you to churn out multiple copies of a given thing with whatever parts of it you want already set up without having to set up those things more than once.

Both of those templates are entirely accessible.  The one that's a fillable form even reads out the form fields (for the return address and main address) you've landed in when you tab.  The other has lines of text (3 for return address, three for main address) that you just select and then type in the actual text you want instead.  The place holder text is entirely self explanatory.  They were created for one of the blind-centric groups, but it's been a couple of years so I have no idea which one I did it form

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