Re: Office 365, print envolope, Delivery/Return address label not spoken


Hi all,

Found the cause (while working on a brand new add-on): NVDA simply ignores the label for the field, believing that the edit fields in envelopes dialog have the same labels as the document being worked on. I can confirm this with Microsoft 365 build 16.0.15601. We can ask Microsoft 365's Word team to fix the underlying cause (document name shown to screen readers), or fix it from NVDA side by either telling the screen reader to recognize Word documents better or not ignore UIA name (label) property when encountering what appears to be a Word document when it is not (from long-term to short-term, in that order).

This is one of those issues that require some experience with accessibility API's and NVDA internals to figure out what's going on. The relevant screen reader internal has to do with how NVDA can detect a specific thing it is working with from hundreds to thousands of on-screen controls it encounters (this is typically known as "choosing an overlay class" which is a key piece of code that comes with various add-ons; in short, NVDA will use a series of conditional statements backed by information coming from accessibility API's and/or other facilities to narrow down what it is looking for; part of becoming an experienced add-on author (or for that matter, NVDA code contributor) is figuring out places that require special attention from NVDA, and these "places" are represented as what's called "overlay class"; I can go into actual internals of how "choosing an overlay class" works upon request, or I might as well write a post about it once I'm done with school obligations for this week).



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