Re: Office 365, print envolope, Delivery/Return address label not spoken



A screen reader relies on services provided by the underlying operating system to announce things on screen. The best example is when you press Tab to move between say, NVDA Settings controls. When this happens, Windows will move system focus to the new control, which in turn NVDA learns about it from accessibility API's. It then performs some work to figure out what the new control is and gathers info so it can be presented to you (the function responsible for announcing things such as name, role, state and others is quite complex to discuss it in one post as I need to spend several posts to discuss how speech output works in the first place). In the immediate context (this thread), screen readers can override what it sees as control label (name), and this is what's happening with Word envelopes dialog.

As for me being knowledgeable about all this: not really - as in I don't know all the ins and outs of NVDA despite working with NVDA source code for about a decade (I am the developer responsible for introducing suggestion sounds, Windows 11 Notepad support, to name a few; the most difficult part of being a screen reader developer is watching shouting matches between screen reader developers, app vendors, and Microsoft, more so when I am the one shouting at Microsoft engineers which breaks my heart; if you want to contribute code to NVDA or do any assistive technology development work, read about a concept called emotional labor before asking yourself if you can do it, something I might as well talk about soon).



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