Re: Proposal: a series of posts/articles on NVDA internals


Hi all,

I'm reviving this call for NVDA internals topics so I can think about a few things as I post actual internals articles on this forum. But first, I need to discuss how to get into the mindset of writing such posts, talk about screen reader components, and perhaps give you a tour of history of NVDA and add-ons. Only then I believe it makes sense to proceed with actual internals posts because I do need to address a few talking points about NVDA, the concept of screen readers, and some misconceptions (for folks who learned things about NVDA from my Welcome to NVDA tutorials set, consider this sort of a fourth edition of the tutorial series but a bit geeky).

Actual call: if you have things about NVDA you are curious about (or would like to learn how it actually works behind the scenes), or would like to learn a thing or two that touches NVDA (such as pull request writing), let me know directly. The upcoming internals posts will talk about them while bringing up relevant discussions from the archive (of course links will be provided).



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