order of precedence?

Curtis Delzer

Hi all! The subject of this message may be confusing but . . .

Suppose you tell a synthesizer in NVDA to use your headphones, and then you go to the windows control panel and tell windows to use, (in my case with virtual audio cable) "line 1."

WHY does NVDA then go to the Microsoft sound mapper? I told NVDA to use my headphones and I assumed that it would ignore any other instruction but . . .

For a while I lost speech because Microsoft and their "trying to help" attitude assumed they knew best and then, their munificence allowed me to, reconnect something new to it and then make the MS mapper find that and vuala, I had speech again, and have it now.

In essence, I told the control panel to go to line one, and NVDA was instructed to use ms sound mapper which I did not authorize so, bingo, no speech. :)

I know how to avoid this but, it is obviously a situation where Microsoft knows best and overrides the setting in NVDA's interface to a synthesizer.

The way to avoid is to set a small program running shipped with virtual audio cable called "audio repeater and tell audio repeater to play from where you direct the sound too, to the place you wish to listen, in my case my headphones which are a sound card in their own right, as such. :)

So, anyone else who plays with sound can harken to the potential issue which is vital if you have no safety net to fall into, Microsoft knows best, not the developers of NVDA.  I trusted NVDA to speak from where I told it, even saved the settings but not was the case.

Curtis Delzer
Rialto, CA

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