Re: Spelling / grammar checkers - I found one!


On Sun, Sep 18, 2022 at 02:51 PM, farhan israk wrote:
I know that both google docs, gmail and other wordprocesor have built- in grammar checkers but they are not as perfect as third party grammar checkers such as grammarly.
And all I can say is, "So, and now what?"

You have the tools you have (and that's not dismissive and it's a fact for the sighted as well as the blind).  You will not always have access to your preferred tool for a given thing for a wide variety of reasons.  Grammarly is not God's Gift to Grammar Checking, and other tools do a mighty good job.  Pick one of them, as the Grammarly ship has sailed (and you need something in the near term - which you don't have and won't have in Grammarly).

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