Re: The Inside Story of NVDA: what a screen reader is and is not, possibilities and constraints of screen readers #NVDA_Internals

Çağrı Artan

Hi Joseph,
I am typing this message using a translation app. Because I am not knowledgeable enough to convey my views in spoken language. Please excuse words and phrases that may be perceived differently.
Your valuable message, which I believe will increase the possibility of finding solutions to the problems we are experiencing, shows what can be done when we take action to be a part of the solution and when ways of cooperation are opened to solve our own problems, it contains very accurate determinations.
Your message will contribute significantly to the rights-based studies I support in my country and to the digital accessibility business processes that I will be involved in as a consultant.
It is good that you and valuable minds like you are in the world. I feel happy and lucky to be able to use the technology that allows us to meet you.

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