Re: Duxbury braille translator and NVDA: any addon or anyone have successfully use this software fully with NVDA?

Betsy Grenevitch

I use duxbury with NVDA but am not able to read the files. I am very thankful to have a Braille notetaker to proof the files on. Duxbury would love for NVDA to have something to work with it but have said it has not happened yet.

On 9/22/2022 7:04 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:

I have successfully used Duxbury with NVDA; but it was an older version of Duxbury.  That  was before they made us switch to this new, nasty Braille code.

On 9/22/2022 11:57 AM, Robert Cole via wrote:
Have you tried NVDA with
Braille Blaster?
Maybe it will do what you need.

On Sep 22, 2022, at 12:13 AM, amir din <mrdin8877@...> wrote:


I am going to purchase this software, Duxbury braille translator (dbt). I know with jaws there is the script for dbt. However, as far as I know, no addon for NVDA. So, in case this is still correct, anyone here have successfully use this software with NVDA and enjoy using it? Meaning can use all features of this software even without addons.

For example, when dealing with formatting, reading braille codes and so on

Any feedback and comments are appreciated.




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