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By human sounding, I mean the actual voice itself.  Different people may have different definitions.  I consider things like inflection and pause length to be characteristics of speech, not of the sound of the voice. 

If the very long pauses don't occur in Narrator, then my main objection is removed if the pauses aren't too long.  Regardless, I think that inflection and pause length should be adjustable by the user.

Different people prefer different voices but I think that such characteristics should be adjustable in part because people have such differences.

I'm pleased that the long pauses don't exist in Narrator. 

Narrator in Windows 10 doesn't let you adjust inflection.  I hope it does in Windows 11.  I would want less inflection in the natural voices.

Perhaps others may comment about whether, ignoring the long pauses in Edge read aloud, you get a good idea of the sound and inflection of the voices when listening in Edge.


On 9/22/2022 10:47 PM, David Goldfield wrote:


When using these voices in Narrator you definitely don’t have unnatural pauses at the end of each sentence. I understand your point of view in that we’ve had many human sounding voices for quite some time but, to me, human sounding doesn’t always mean that they sound natural. Some of the Nuance voices, while they sound human, have a quality about them that sounds unnatural and electronic and that odd nonhuman aspect isn’t as noticeable with these new voices. Then again, that’s just my perception and as I’m sure you’d agree a voice that may sound fabulous to my ear might sound jarring or problematic to yours.


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The person doing the video keeps repeating how natural the voices sound, as though a natural sounding voice in and of itself is an extraordinary achievement.  We've had natural sounding voices for a long time.  Having natural sounding voices is common these days.  Its other characteristics of a lot of these voices that cause me to dislike them. 

If the behavior of the voices using Edge is what you get when using them in Windows 11, they currently have characteristics that would lead me to not use the voices. 

By far the most important one is the ridiculously long pauses at the ends of sentences. 
If this occurs in Narrator and not just in Edge, those long, long pauses are maddening to the point where I wouldn't consider using the voices as long as the pauses can't be adjusted by the user and greatly shortened. 

Also, inflection is too high and there is a slight sing-songy quality to the inflection. 

The voices may be quite good if these defects are eliminated. 

Do these problems exist when using the voices with Narrator?  Those interested in using these voices, if these problems exist when using Narrator, and if you object to them, may wish to contact Microsoft about them.


On 9/22/2022 10:12 PM, Gene via wrote:

This youtube video let's you hear at least a little of the voices, I didn't listen to all of it so I don't know if more samples are provided later.  But the really important thing is that it tells you how to hear them on any system using Edge. 

You can have material more than just a short sample spoken.


On 9/22/2022 8:30 PM, Şenolcan HANCI wrote:

Hello friends. As you know with Windows 11 22h2 new natural voices are available, although for english USA for now. İ have a question. To see these voices in NVDA, does Microsoft or NVDA developers should take a step and can we do something for this


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