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Yes I've brought this up before. I think there used to be a ticket for it, but as you say, its still doing the very unfriendly thing of just giving up or shoving the files in the root. I too do not have any registered voices. I'd imagine there should be a certain number of installs you are allowed. Brian

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I believe it will transfer all add-ons.

Whether the add-on will have to be authorized, I don't know. Since you
are placing the add-on in a copy you will use portably, and it is a
product you pay for, you may have to authorize it in the portable copy.

Open tools and press enter on create portable copy.
A dialog will open.
Tab around the dialog and you will find a check box that says something
like use current user configuration. Check it with the space bar, then
continue to create the portable copy.
Set up a folder with nothing in it before you begin to create the
portable copy and use it during creation. If you don't, the files will
be splattered all over whatever already used folder you select. The
portable installation should automatically make its own folder at
whatever location you are using, as happens when you unzip a file, but
it doesn't.

On 9/22/2022 6:15 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
On Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 07:08 PM, Don H wrote:

Will this properly install addons such as the code factory
vocalizer addon? Wasn't there a way to move the settings from a
portable copy made from the old computer?

I don't know the answer to your first question, because I don't know
what Code Factory's licensing scheme is and what it checks (or
doesn't) in relation to the computer on which it's running. I can say
it will copy the add-on over in its entirety, but that doesn't mean
that it will work. Someone else will have to answer this, as I don't
own it.

Sarah has already referenced the ability to make a portable copy of
NVDA, including your add-ons when you do so, then using that portable
copy as as the install media on your new computer. I believe I recall
when you do that it will ask you if you wish to copy the
profile/settings/configuration associated with the portable copy to
the new installation, but I haven't done this in ages.

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