Re: NVDA Volume Add-Ons


I don't know much about add-ons that affect the Windows volume control.  There is an add-on that does all sorts of things in one add-on.  I don't use it but others may comment.  I think its called something like NAO add-on if you want to look it up.  It does things like automatically raise your volume level when you start NVDA if it has become lowered to the point where  you lose speech.  I suspect it automatically unmutes audio if it becomes muted as well.
I believe I've seen discussion of another volume control add-on.  If you want to see what is available,  you can try doing a Google search for something like NVDA volume control add-on and see what comes up in the results.  I don't know if results will be for both sites available in the NVDA add-on updater add-on or just from the community site add-on.


On 9/24/2022 7:57 AM, Shaun Oliver wrote:
I don't even know what he's on about with the whole windows volume NVDA Add-on when it is a windows app. what's with that?

On 24/09/2022 2:15 pm, Brad wrote:
Thanks ;)

I really hope these addons get updates, although I honestly doubt they will, but this is useful for now.

On 24/09/2022 04:51, Gene wrote:
Hole the Windows key and type r.  Then, when the run dialog opens, type sndvol and press enter.

On 9/23/2022 9:40 PM, Bob Cavanaugh wrote:
The command is windows plus are, I use that all the time.
On Sep 23, 2022, at 4:50 PM, Brad <BRADLEYBROWN2@...> wrote:

Hi, I really like the NVDA volume addon I was using, there's two of them and I can't remember which one it was at the moment, but I was wondering if anyone knows, or can get in touch with, the makers of these addons?

They've not been updated to the latest version of NVDA, even though they say they work with NVDA version 20 and onwards.

A quick google search will show both addons on github. if you type in NVDA volume addon.

I'm not sure if this question is allowed here or if it should be asked on the chat, I think it's called, side of this group, but, there's a run dialog command to get you to the sound settings to change sounds like, NVDA volume, firefox volume and so on, I'm wondering what it is?

Thanks, Brad.

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