Re: Version 22.10: Add-on Updater, Event Tracker, Windows App Essentials #addonrelease

Ravindran V.S.

Dear Joseph,


I have noticed that when checking for update using the Add-on Updater, even just noticed from the Spanish community source, it offers updates but not to the higher version.

Seems it is just comparing the version numbers and if there is a difference it tents to update.

For e.g.; I have the latest Add-On updater version 2022.10 installed direct from the link you offered.

And when I check the updates, it offers to update and the version says as 2022.09

And I have noticed this with several of them. Even the Tonys Enhancement keeps on updating almost every time it is checked. And the offering is for a lower version.

I tried to copy the list of offerings to show here, but cannot copy that list.

This happens with the NVDA Community source too.

What am I doing wrong or anything to avoid this please?

Using Windows 10 Pro; 2022 h2 64bit

NVDA 2022.2.3

Add-On updater version 2022.10

Vocalizer synth


Due to a problem that NVDA loads and the speech did not come; So I have uninstalled NVDA and made a fresh installation. And Have disabled all Add-ons and just activated Add-on updater and couple of others.

Trying to identify the problematic Add-on which caused this problem. Or any other facts; Narrator and other screen readers did not have this issue. Since NVDA is my primary SR got stuck a bit.

But all the Add-Ons worked fine with the previous version of NVDA.




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From: <> On Behalf Of Joseph Lee
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2022 5:15 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Version 22.10: Add-on Updater, Event Tracker, Windows App Essentials #addonrelease


Hi all,

Within the next twenty minutes of sending this email, Add-on Updater will begin offering updates for Event Tracker, Windows App Essentials, and for itself provided that add-on update source is set to community add-ons website.



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