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Yes Dolphin Supernova has had a portable version for years, indeed you used to be able to buy what they called the pen version to use on others machines with the limitations of security of course.

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If one is concerned about having multiple viable versions of NVDA, I'd establish the practice of making a portable copy (which can be made on the machine itself in a dedicated folder) prior to updating every time a major update (essentially, the year changing on the NVDA release number) occurs. Portable versions of NVDA do not need to be on a thumb drive or SD card. They can be placed in a folder on the computer (and that folder can be copied to a thumb drive, SD card, or even an external USB HDD if you need actual portability - nothing else is necessary).

There is very little, I'd say almost no, reason to support multiple installed versions of NVDA. Others, of course, will disagree. I see far more requests on the JAWS lists for a "portable version" option such as the one NVDA has than any mention of keeping multiple versions of JAWS installed (and that is mentioned, occasionally).

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