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Well in the end, if you cannot get the software writers to make their code what one might consider as standard for accessibility, I see no way forward other than to see if any other vendor is more amenable. You encounter this a lot when you hit software which was written in one operating system then ported over to others.

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Hello, in the past time, there are a lot of visually impaired people learning about programming. However, one difficulty for them is that tools like ide are difficult to reach some tools are accessible like eclipse, vs code,... android studio is accessible but layout builder is still not compatible like with NVDA. Those things I won't cover here and I will talk about a topic of game programming with screen reader users. I know, nvda is a screen reader compatible with good programming tools or frameworks but some game development tools like unity, builgbox are some tools that are not accessible to nvda. Especially builgbox, this is a game development tool built with no code, low code technology. Everything is drag-and-drop and NVDA is not accessible. The builgbox accessibility issue with nvda, I have talked a lot on different forums and I also tried to talk directly with the developer of builgbox but to no avail. In addition, I also tried to download builgbox to use but can't work with nvda. Everything is useless with the keyboard and I can't get it to work. I need anyone who can find a solution for this and make NVda compatible with Builgbox. What do you think about this issue? Can discuss under my post. Thank.

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