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JAWS has scripts for standard programs such as Notepad and many others.  I don't know what would happen if JAWS had no scripts.  But what you were told, if it is that any program you install and use with JAWS needs scripts for that specific program is just plain wrong.  It may be that the default settings JAWS uses have scripts that allow it to do a lot of things in circumstances where specific scripts are not available but unless a program is not accessible or reasonably accessible using JAWS default settings, you do not need specific scripts for a specific program.  You may want them or for this or that specific use, need them, but as in the case of Gold Wavbe, you can do a lot without scripts. 


On 9/25/2022 8:11 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:

I agree brian.

Unlike jaws we really don't want to go down that road.

The same with our addons.

Nvda can run without addons.

Maybe its not going to be the best but it will run.

Jaws can't run without scripts at least that was what was shoved down my throat about 24 years back.

At any rate if addon x is not compatible with nvda it means its not updated or its integrated or something.

Of course there are those that think everything should work without updates and don't see why there should be breaking updates because of all the languages and other requirements at all.

Yeah sometimes I feel the pain of those users, but being had my background with a little linux and with a few other things moving plugins about though a bit annoying especially of how some of them never make it to updaters, etc its just life.

Sometimes you need to work for things.

On 26/09/2022 1:46 pm, Brian Vogel wrote:
If one is concerned about having multiple viable versions of NVDA, I'd establish the practice of making a portable copy (which can be made on the machine itself in a dedicated folder) prior to updating every time a major update (essentially, the year changing on the NVDA release number) occurs.  Portable versions of NVDA do not need to be on a thumb drive or SD card.  They can be placed in a folder on the computer (and that folder can be copied to a thumb drive, SD card, or even an external USB HDD if you need actual portability - nothing else is necessary).

There is very little, I'd say almost no, reason to support multiple installed versions of NVDA.  Others, of course, will disagree.  I see far more requests on the JAWS lists for a "portable version" option such as the one NVDA has than any mention of keeping multiple versions of JAWS installed (and that is mentioned, occasionally).

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