I guess I was just looking for what you told me, Brian, ie, how it
looks to you. NVDA does kind of get stuck initially.

BTW, Ausin O'Malley, IMO, is a sheauvinist.

On 9/27/22, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 10:23 AM, Jackie wrote:

Hey Brian V--when you first go to the page, NVDA says "application".
Robert's right that you can't do anything there. I usually hit either
tab or the spacebar, but you're still stuck in a forms mode type
situation. NVDA + spacebar or escape gets you out of that & allows
arrow keys to work as expected.

First, this is a case where "how this works if you're sighted" is pretty
much entirely disjoint from what's going on for a screen reader user.  The
"Sign In" button on that page is large and pretty much one of the first
things you see if you scroll just a slight bit.  When "we, the sighted" see
that we'd just click it.  We have no reason to know or care what's going on
under the hood.  Visual cuing is a very powerful tool in a visual medium,
and webpages, though they contain plenty of text, are definitely very often
designed with visual cuing as a core part of it.

When I go to the noted page, if I try down arrowing all I get is a message
along the lines of "waiting for" (" ) (I
thought I'd copied out what I got from speech viewer, but didn't, and am too
lazy at the moment to go back).  When I then hit tab I heard "application"
and I think on the next tab I landed on the sign in button.

I very seldom try to arrow around a page.  I tab on many that I know (or
even suspect of being a form of some kind), use NVDA find, or use the
elements list, pretty much in that order.

I can and will do anything specific you'd like me to do as far as getting
information you'd like to have, I'm just not quite certain what that is,
either in the "doing" part or information part.

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